Telangana: Night drug party with friends.. if cut.. shock at dawn!

If our friend is a friend.. Basu is also a friend to us.. Following this quotation.. a businessman was having a fun party with his friend.. Meanwhile, he invited a person who is a friend of his old friend. The four enjoyed themselves at the pub till midnight. After that, the merchant came home and drank another round. If you cut it, you will get a dizzying shock at dawn. That is the story.

Going into details.. Saiprakash Reddy, a businessman from Musarambagh division, went to a local pub with his friend Feroze on Friday night. He had a fun drug party there. Meanwhile, Saiprakash Reddy’s old friend Rajesh also joined them. Shortly thereafter, Rajesh introduced a man to Saiprakash who he considered his friend. The four of them enjoyed at the pub till midnight and then reached Saiprakash’s house in Salimnagar to take another round of drugs.

On reaching home, Feroze was sleeping in a room.. the other three were drinking alcohol. And if the scene is cut.. Around Rs. 75 lakhs were lost. Moreover, Rajesh and his friend were not seen. Saiprakash Reddy immediately complained to the police. Khakis who have registered a case based on his complaint are hunting for the accused.

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