Telangana: ‘My words were twisted’.. Minister IKR explained comments on Dalit Bandhu..

Minister Indrakaran Reddy has finally responded to the comments that Dalitbandhu scheme will be given to those who want it. He explained his comments in the face of severe criticism. He was accused of distorting his comments regarding the Dalit Bandhu scheme. Minister IKR explained that he only said to be patient and that he was trying to gather because he was making a fuss on purpose. He visited Nirmal district on Wednesday and said that it is a scheme to change the lives of Dalit SCs. Minister IKR criticized that this scheme will increase the popularity of CM KCR and the opposition parties are making a fuss about the distribution of Dalit Bandhu. Duyya said that when he mentioned the same thing in the previous meeting, his words were distorted. Minister Indrakaran Reddy clarified that BJP has not given a single penny to this scheme. However, Minister IKR has come under fire saying that the BJP leaders are creating a ruckus wherever they fall and are looking for political gains by creating controversies.

If this is the case.. Recently Minister Indrakaran Reddy behaved badly towards the people with extreme intolerance. Minister Indrakaran Reddy, who went to distribute Bathukamma sarees in Narsapur-G village of Nirmal district. When a woman asked about Dalit Bandhu, the minister expressed anger at her. "What should we do if you don't have patience?" We give it to those we like. Why are you talking?'' Moreover.. Rs. He asked what he would do if he was given 10 lakhs. They made shocking comments saying, 'What is your experience.. We will give you Dalit bandhu only if you tell us what you will do to survive'. He said that the money given is Telangana money and the Center has no money in it. Minister Indrakaran said if you want, go to the center and get it. They want to ask those who are behind them.

These comments caused a political uproar. People are angry about the minister's comments. They are under fire that it is wrong to act as if there is no authority. On the other hand, the opposition parties are also reacting seriously to the minister's comments. Minister Indrakaran Reddy is being demanded to be sacked immediately. According to the minister's comments, it is understood that the Dalit Bandhu scheme is being given to the followers rather than the deserving ones.

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