Telangana: Mounted Coriander..Rs.400/- per kg..Traders claim the same reason

With the day by day rising prices in the country, the survival of the common man is becoming questionable. Gas, petrol, cooking oil, vegetables and other essential goods are skyrocketing in price due to an increase in prices. As a result, it became impossible to buy vegetables and essential items. At a time when the prices of vegetables are increasing day by day, leafy vegetables are also becoming scarce. Coriander is common in curries. And non-veg items are not complete without it. Coriander gives extra flavor and aroma to dishes and is loved by common people. Recently, the price of kothmeera has increased tremendously. Coriander, which was available for two or three bundles for five rupees, has now reached 400 rupees per kilo. A kilo of Coriander cost Rs 80 to 100 till yesterday, but today it fetches more than Rs 400 in the markets of Warangal and Khammam.

Coriander is supplied to these markets from Karnataka. The crop has been damaged due to recent heavy rains in Karnataka. Due to this, there is currently a limited supply from there. The price of cilantro has skyrocketed as traders compete for the scarce quantity. On September 17, a kilo of coriander fetched up to Rs 400 in many markets. Traders say that in Mahabubabad district, 20 quintals of coriander are required per day, but currently only 5 quintals are being received per day and this is the reason for the increase in prices.

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