Telangana: Modi-KCR are one piece.. Revanth made sensational comments

Telangana: TPCC chief and MP Revanth Reddy reacted to the Telangana government’s boycott of the NITI Aayog meeting. Niti Aayog condemned the boycott of the meeting. It was thought that KCR would question the damage done to Telangana by going to this meeting. But, by boycotting the meeting, KCR-Modi has been criticized for proving the dark relationship. Reminding that KCR has supported every decision taken by the central government for seven and a half years, Revanth Reddy said that Modi and KCR are one and the same. KCR’s words are being heard, but the hands are not visible, Duyya said. If there are irregularities and corruption in state government schemes, they want to investigate with systems like Vigilance and Enforcement and Anti-Corruption Bureau. But, Revanth Reddy fired at the Center saying that these constitutional institutions are being used to suppress the opponents.

Revanth criticized that Telangana CM KCR is using state investigation agencies in the same way that Narendra Modi is using agencies like CBI, ED and Income Tax against political opponents. He described KCR as Ekalavya Shishya of Modi. He criticized Modi-KCR saying that they are two pieces of each other. Narendra Modi is saying that KCR is not listening to the suggestions of the opposition, and is KCR implementing any suggestions made by the opposition in the state? He asked.

Revanth Reddy demanded the state government to attend the NITI Aayog meeting in Delhi on Sunday. They want to explain why the funds and projects due to the state are not being given. It is suggested to achieve what should come to Telangana legally. Otherwise, they will feel as if they have surrendered to Narendra Modi. He said that Telangana society would not be happy to miss the opportunity to express the thoughts and feelings of Telangana people to Prime Minister Modi.

Strong counter to party changing leaders..

At the same time, Revanth Reddy reacted strongly to the leaders who were leaving the Congress party. He said that in difficult times, the society recognizes who is fighting for people’s problems and who is working for business interests. He said that they can make some people who are pretending to be retailers, they will know only after some experience. Now in the party they want to join, they commented that the day they cover the scarf is a festival. He said that all those who have joined the party have gone through what experiences and how they came out. Revanth Reddy gave a strong counter that if a constable working in a police station attains the rank of civils and becomes an IPS officer and becomes an SP in the same district – how can he sit in SP seats junior to me?

Do you know what is the situation of Bandi Sanjay in BJP?

Revanth Reddy said that so far, how many people have joined BJP and how many people have left. He said that he took charge on July 7, 2021, has there been a new enthusiasm in the Congress party since then? isn’t it He asked the party leaders to analyze the matter. Those who joined BJP will understand the situation within three to four months. He said that everyone knows the situation of Bandi Sanjay in BJP.

Komatireddy against Rajagopal Reddy..

Revanth Reddy asked Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy whether he had received the mine and railway contracts of Coal India in Jharkhand. Have all these come to see the efficiency of their company? He asked. Did you join the party directly in 2009 and nominated for MP? Or? He asked. Have you participated directly or indirectly in party activities before? Revanth Reddy protested. He said that the ticket was given to Rajagopal Reddy, not those who believed in the party, and such a person is turning his back on the party today. He said that there are activists working for BJP since the time of Hindu Mahasabha and Jan Sangh in that constituency. Would you rather compete with them? Revanth questioned Rajagopal Reddy. Where were you when Rahul was plotting to put Sonia Gandhi in jail? He questioned Rajagopal Reddy. Will you stand by Sonia as a responsible person when it comes to standing up for leadership? Or join Amit Shah who is plotting? He deposed that.

Comments to the mirror are wrong..

PCC Chief Revanth Reddy took a wrong turn for Adnaki Dayakar’s comments on MP Komati Reddy Vekant Reddy in Chandur Sabha. Adnaki Dayakar said it was wrong to use that kind of language. Congress will not support such language even if it is hostile. Despite being momentarily angry, Anna deliberately said that it was wrong. It will be discussed in the party and appropriate action will be taken.

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