Telangana: ‘KCR’s another conspiracy to stop Bandi Sanjay Yatra’

Telangana: Padayatra leader Dr. G. Manohar Reddy has criticized that Telangana Chief Minister KCR is trying to block the Yatra because he cannot bear to see the response of the people to the Bandi Sanjay Padayatra. He criticized that KCR had hatched another conspiracy to stop the march. Manohar Reddy was fired at a range for issuing notices to Bala Nagar ACP in the name of violation of rules. Manohar Reddy on Wednesday responded to receiving notices in the name of Balanagar ACP saying that action will be taken if they do not respond within a week.

In this regard, he said.. 'The TRS government has opened another conspiracy to block the Padayatra as the 'Praja Sangrama Yatra' undertaken by the BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar is getting an unprecedented response. No written permission was given for the first three hikes. Only verbal permission was given. But TRS party leaders are not able to digest the fact that the Padayatra is getting a special response.. Wherever they go, including Uruwada, Bandi supports Sanjay and shares their hardships and pleasures and feels that he is their friend.

Manohar Reddy made it clear that no matter how many obstacles the government creates, there is no way to stop the padayatra. It is said that the schedule of the 5th padayatra will be announced soon. They said that they will reply to the notices given by the police and if necessary, they will go back to fight the legal battle. In the meantime, the issue of notices by the police at a time when arrangements are being made for a huge public meeting has become a topic of discussion in view of the completion of the 4th stage of the Padayatra on Thursday.

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