Telangana: Karimnagar-Hyderabad train journey soon.. Minister Harish says it is possible only with KCR’s will.

The time has come for the people of North Telangana to realize their long awaited dream. Minister Harish Rao said that the train will come to Kukunurupalli till February 2023. He said that if the train comes to this area, the journey between Karimnagar and Hyderabad will become easier. The minister said that he sees happiness in the eyes of the people of Kukunurupalli when Bathukamma and Dasara festival come together. Harish Rao said that Kukunurupalli mandal has been formed..with 15 village panchayats and a population of 20 thousand, we are advancing in development. Harish Rao made it clear that if Telangana had not come, would it have become Siddipet district… would it have become Kukunurupalli mandal… all this is because of KCR’s determination.

Meanwhile, the Karimnagar railway line is facing difficulties at every step. He said that they are taking a step forward with the important idea of ​​making train travel available to the people of Vemulawada, Sirisilla and Siddipet areas. The railway line, which was stopped in 2006-07, was expected to be completed after the formation of Telangana state. However, things are progressing slowly. The Telangana government has also offered to bear the losses incurred on this route for five years. With this, in 2016, this project took off again.

The track between Manoharabad and Gajwel has been completed up to 32 km. Trial runs are also conducted. Remaining 119 km track work needs to be completed. Even though the problems were resolved in Kothapally and Sirisilla, the farmers in Vemulawada went to court claiming that the compensation was insufficient. So the story started again. It has become questionable to say that this project will be completed when the brakes are falling at every step.

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