Telangana Integration Day: We celebrated 50 years on Telangana Integration Day.. No mistake again.. CM KCR in integration celebrations

Telangana Integration Day: CM KCR has once again targeted the Center and the BJP. They indirectly criticized the BJP as religious forces. He criticized that the forces of fanaticism are igniting, the fires of hatred are burning, and fuel is being fueled with venomous comments. They were fired for distorting September 17 as well. CM KCR said that people who are not related to the movement of that time are polluting the history of Telangana. Addressing the public gardens on the occasion of Telangana National Unity Day on Saturday, CM KCR said that some miscreants are fanning the flames of hatred, fueling it with venomous comments and planting thorns in the middle of social relations. It is flagged that these destructive forces are doing vile moves to fulfill their narrow selfish interests by distorting history. CM KCR, who is appealing to all the people with folded hands, wished that this land would never be luxuriated with peace and prosperity, but should not be consumed by unrest and unrest. CM KCR expressed his concern that 50 years have passed due to a small mistake in the past and Telangana should not slip into another turmoil.

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