Telangana: Govt has given good news to MBBS students. Now 85 percent seats are for Telangana students.

Telangana government has given good news to MBBS students. The Department of Health has issued an order amending the admissions rules so that 85% of the 35% of the MBBS and BDS-B category seats in minority and non-minority medical colleges will be allotted to Telangana students. To this extent, the government released Jivo numbers 129 and 130 on Thursday. With this, 1,068 MBBS seats in all 24 private medical colleges in the state will be available to Telangana students.

A total of 3750 seats are available in 20 non-minority and 4 non-minority private medical colleges in the state. While there are 3200 seats in non-minority colleges, 35 percent i.e. 1120 seats are under B category. Till now students of all states are eligible for these. According to the latest amendment, 85% seats i.e. 952 seats out of 35% seats in B category will be reserved exclusively for Telangana students. Only remaining 15% (168) seats are contested by other state students in open quota. Since it is an open quota, Telangana students also have a chance in this. Similarly in minority college there are 137 seats till now under 25% B category. With the latest amendment, 85% i.e. 116 seats will go to the students here.

Till now there is no special reservation for Telangana students in management quota seats in the state. As there is no local reservation in the 35 percent quota in B category, students from other states are mostly getting MBBS seats in the colleges here. Thus a great injustice is being done to Telangana students. Finance and Health Minister Harish Rao, who paid special attention to this matter, directed the officials to study the procedure implemented in other states and submit a report.

The state government has taken a fresh decision to benefit the students here. 1,068 students will benefit from this. For MBBS education there will be opportunities to study doctor in Swarashtra without having to go to other states including Ukraine, China and Russia.

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