Telangana: Governor should do his own work..She doesn’t know history of Telangana..Minister Satyavathy Rathore’s shocking comments

Minister Satyavathy Rathore has come under fire over Telangana Governor Tamili Sai Soundara Rajan’s comments. He expressed anger that the Governor was speaking as a BJP leader. The governor suggested that he should do his work. Chief Minister KCR wanted to come to the Raj Bhavan when he wanted and said that the governor was acting as a representative of the BJP beyond his scope. He asked that if there is a flood, why do you have to work when there is a government? He flagged that the Governor does not know the history of Telangana, that is why they are calling for liberation. Minister Satyavati said that Chief Minister KCR has a lot of respect for women. He said that the reason for this situation should be self-examination.

Meanwhile.. Governor of Telangana Tamil Sai Soundar Rajan once again made interesting comments. He made it clear that no matter how many obstacles he faces, he will not back down and will continue to do his work. He said that he faced many insults while visiting different parts of the state and he was insulted during his visit to Warangal. He said that he does not need respect personally, he wants to respect Raj Bhavan. He alleged that the assembly meetings are being held without the governor's speech and the state government is completely trampling the protocol.

Relief programs were undertaken by the Red Cross during the floods. Medaram fair was asked for a helicopter but was not given. Finally had to travel by car for 8 hours and go by road. The state government is showing severe discrimination against the Governor's office. Is Raj Bhavan an untouchable place? Why are you all not entering Raj Bhavan? I did not reject Kaushik Reddy as a politician, but I rejected him with the intention that Kaushik Reddy was not fit under the service quota.

– Tamilisai Soundara Rajan, Governor of Telangana

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