Telangana: Good news for the residents of Telangana.. There is no hike in electricity charges.. more than ever..

This is really good news for the people of Telangana. There will be no changes in electricity charges for the coming year. The same was revealed in the report for the year 2023-2024 submitted to the Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Council (TSERC) on Wednesday. The reports submitted by TSNPDCL and TSSPDCL have not mentioned any proposal regarding tariff hike. Officials say that the two electricity distribution companies are unlikely to increase tariffs till March 2024. But if TSERC intends to increase it, there is a possibility of increase in electricity charges.

Two electricity distribution companies in Telangana state will spend Rs. 54,060 crore revenue is estimated. At the same time, 83,111 million units of current will be required, according to the proposals submitted to TSERC. It is estimated that 73,618 million units of electricity will be sold. Southern Distribution Company Rs. 36,963 crore, Northern Distribution Company Rs. 17,095 crores revenue is estimated. The income of these two companies after purchase of electricity is Rs. 10,535 crore gap is coming. This gap is expected to be filled with the help of the government. In this context, no proposal has been made regarding the increase in electricity charges.

Meanwhile, discoms cannot propose any hike for the next financial year i.e. from April 2023 as the power tariff was revised from April this year with an average increase of 14% across all categories of consumers, official sources said. However, the TSERC chairman said that requests have been received to reduce electricity charges for places of worship and government schools. He said that in some power divisions, the total technical and commercial losses are more than 50%, which needs to be reduced to 15%.

Monthly revision of electricity charges

Talking about the fuel price adjustment charges, Srirangarao said that due to the increase in the price of coal supplied to the thermal power stations, it has become a burden for the discoms to purchase electricity from the India Energy Exchange on a daily basis, and the Center has ordered to find alternative efforts for this. As a part of this, the Center has ordered the states to revise the electricity charges every month. "Recently, a draft order has been given to the discoms to charge a maximum of 30 paise per unit on a monthly basis from April 2023 without taking any permissions," he said. Ranga Rao said TSRC is waiting for the state government's response.

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