TELANGANA CONGRESS: Confusion in Telangana Congress..Leaders are targeting Revanth after leaving the party..More equations to change

TELANGANA CONGRESS IN CRITICAL SITUATION AS MANY SENIOR LEADERS QUITTING: Munugodu Manta is creating political tremors in Telangana. Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, who resigned from the party, has not yet resigned from his legislative membership. He asked for an appointment on 6th August, but Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy gave an appointment on 8th. So, his resignation was postponed. In the meantime, he went to Delhi and met Union Home Minister Amit Shah, number two of the BJP. Komatireddy Rajagopal revealed that Amit Shah will come to Telangana on 21st August and some others will join BJP along with him on that day. He also said that he will go to the Assembly on his arrival in Hyderabad, and if there is a Speaker, he will give his resignation letter to the Secretary of the Assembly if not. On the other hand, TPCC President Revant Reddy’s comments in reply to Rajagopal’s comments ignited the flames of anger in Rajagopal’s brother Venkat Reddy. Venkat Reddy apologized to Revanth for branding him and his brother Rajagopal as “Miru” by tying him and his brother Rajagopal together. After that, he took a step forward and said that he is leaving the issue of apology to Revanth’s discretion. Despite all this happening, Revanth did not make the least effort to give clarification to Venkat Reddy, so there were signs that he was getting ready to leave Venkat Reddy. On the other hand, the campaign that Venkat Reddy will join the Bharatiya Janata Party (Bharatiya Janata Party) in the footsteps of his brother is gaining momentum. Since Venkat Reddy did not deny it directly, it seems that the campaign is true. Meanwhile, the Congress party has received another blow. Dr. who is the chief representative of TPCC. Dr. Dasoju Sravan suddenly said goodbye to the party. In the last election, Shravan contested from Khairatabad assembly constituency and was defeated. Shravan is ready to leave the party as the Khairatabad ticket has been confirmed for Vijaya Reddy (daughter of late leader PJR) who has recently joined from TRS. In fact, for the last one year (since Revanth Reddy became the president of PCC), Shravan has remained somewhat silent in the party. Shravane should translate the President’s speech at the Orugallu public meeting attended by Rahul Gandhi on May 5th. But giving that responsibility to MLA Sridhar also disturbed Shravan. However, the Congress team of Kodanda Reddy, Mahesh Kumar Goud and others tried till the last moment to ensure that he does not leave the party. At 4 pm on August 5, when Shravan arranged a press meet at his office in Banjarahills, at exactly the same time, Kodanda Reddy and Mahesh Kumar came there and consulted with Shravan. Tried to appease. That delayed Shravan’s press meet but his decision to leave the party did not change. Kodanda Reddy and Mahesh Kumar left as the mission failed. After that, Shravan, who came forward to the media, slammed TPCC president Revanth Reddy. He alleged that Telangana Congress is getting worse and weaker due to Revanth’s attitude. Revanth, who is giving a lot of support to his social class, was criticized for engaging in group politics. Revanth Reddy was furious saying that those who have been serving the party for a long time were to be checked and damaged. It is remarkable that all those who are leaving the party are targeting Revanth Reddy. Dasoju Shravan along with Komatireddy brothers said that Revanth who is causing trouble to seniors will make the party more weak. And the Cheruku Sudhakar affair, which merged the Telangana home party into the Congress party, also angered Komati Reddy Venkata Reddy. Venkata Reddy said that Cheruku Sudhakar Goud tried to defeat him in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and win over the then TRS sitting MP Boora Narsaiah Goud.

If this is the case, when Rajagopal announced that he was leaving the party, the TPCC president appointed a coordination committee for Munugodu segment on Agamagal. However, the absence of the names of political leaders Janareddy, Uttam Kumar Reddy, Komatireddy Venkata Reddy and others from Nalgonda district in that committee surprised many people. Out of these three, Venkata Reddy and Revanth were gossiping about each other while the other two participated in the meeting of the Congress ranks held in Chandur on 5th August. It must be said that this is a matter of some relief to Revanth Reddy. However, Revanth’s stance on Venkata Reddy became a topic of discussion in the party. The opinion expressed in the circles of Gandhi Bhavan is that Revanth, who responded to the comments made by Rajagopal on leaving the party, unnecessarily attacked Venkata Reddy. Pony kelikite kelikaru.. Even when Venkata Reddy asked for clarification, Revanth did not give a clarification that his intention was not to comment on Komatireddy brothers together. Even though Venkata Reddy said that it is left to Revanth Reddy’s discretion whether to retract the comments made by his brand Imagepay or to say sorry, Revanth Reddy did not respond. Many feel that this has become more embarrassing for Venkata Reddy and made his words more harsh. Revanth Reddy, who left the party in recent times, is turning the Telangana Congress into Chandrababu’s Congress by kicking out the seniors of the party and it is becoming embarrassing for the party ranks. If the situation continues like this, it will be difficult to come to power in the state, the party ranks are saying.

On the one hand TRS (TRS Party) and on the other hand the leaders of the Congress Party, the Lotus Party factions are reacting with great enthusiasm to the latest developments. Rajagopal announced that he will join the BJP on August 21 in the presence of Amit Shah. He said that some others will join the party with him that day. On the other hand, Venkata Reddy, who was under fire against Revanth Reddy, said that he will continue in the Congress party. And what is his future remains to be seen. In the case of Dasoju Shravan, there is some suspense going on. Will he join TRS party? It is not clear whether the BJP will join the party. If not.. Shravan who announced that he is resigning from the Congress party made comments on both Revanth and KCR. So.. the analyzes are saying that he may not join those two parties, the only thing left is the BJP, so he will join it. It is a bit difficult to give Khairatabad BJP ticket to Shravan and not senior BJP leader Chintala Ramachandra Reddy, who had contested for the Khairatabad seat for a long time and won once in 2014 when he left the Congress party. But, the BJP leader has the final say. Since Chintala Ramachandra Reddy is a person who continues to be in the fringes of the Sangh Parivar, there is no chance of pleasing him and giving Shravan a chance. The strategy behind Bandi Sanjay’s announcement that up to ten MLAs of the TRS party are ready to join the BJP is being debated across Telangana. Also, when the term of office is more than a year, it is interesting to know who are the MLAs who will join the BJP and not the ruling party which provides many benefits. It is reported that a senior leader and former minister from Warangal district is also getting ready to join the BJP. Errabelli Dayakar Rao’s brother Pradeep Rao, who belongs to Warangal district, is going to join the BJP soon. Ex-MP and ex-minister from Khammam district are also rumored to be joining Kamalam party. Meanwhile, there are strong signs that the month of August will change the political equations in Telangana to a remarkable extent.

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