Telangana Congress: Another Panchayat is ready in Congress.. Seniors are angry with Revanth.. The reason is..

Is the Congress party different from the political parties? Yes. The ultimate goal of any political party is power. They will fight for that. Leaders put aside any number of internal problems and fight together. But, the Congress party is different. It should be said that the Telangana Congress Party is more different in that. Because even though the elections are approaching, the party is still struggling with internal fights. On the one hand, the other rival party is attacking with counter-strategies, but the Congress is drowning in fights as if nothing happened. In short, it is a political suicide attempt. Yes, on the one hand, the elections are approaching, on the other hand, the party is struggling with internal conflicts.

Disagreements and controversies are nothing new in Congress. Before one panchayat ends another one is ready. On the one hand, to improve the situation in Telangana Congress and give a boost to the party, the high command is working on a new team for Revanth. At the same time, seniors are trying to make their voice heard a little louder. Revanth is excited about the exercise he is leading for a new team.

Revanth is the senior's version of himself every time. Will the votes fall if a new team is appointed? Review the situation in the party? Why not even a single review meeting was held after the previous defeat.? They are asking questions. We have to wait and see how Revanth and Adhisthanam react to this.

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