Telangana: CM KCR announced as a gift for 10 lakh people.

CM KCR gave good news to the people of Telangana state. It has been revealed that pensions will be given from August 15 to all eligible persons who have completed 57 years of age in the state. He said that there are currently 36 lakh pensioners in the state and it has been decided to provide pensions to another 10 lakh people during the 75th Independence Day celebrations. Chief Minister KCR made these comments in a meeting organized at Pragati Bhavan. It was explained that there will be a pension distribution program from August 15 and new pension cards with barcode will be provided. Apart from that, the prisons department has been directed to release well-behaved prisoners on the occasion of Independence Day. On the other hand.. CM KCR fired on the central government. It has been revealed that GST has been imposed on all kinds of goods in the country, so people are unable to bear the cost. Appealed to Prime Minister Modi to cancel GST on milk.

Due to 28 percent GST, BD workers lost their jobs. GST imposed on handloom should be removed. They are taxing everything except air. Restrictions have been imposed on FRBM limits. Why is this issue not mentioned in NITI Aayog? If the states are weak, the center will also be weak. Attempts are being made to erase the welfare symbols of the previous governments. If you say it in the NITI Aayog meeting.. it’s like saying it to the wall. That is why he did not want to participate in the useless NITI Aayog meeting.

– KCR, Chief Minister of Telangana

On the other hand, Telangana Chief Minister KCR expressed his anger against the central government. They said that the constitutional systems are being used as pocket institutions. They flagged that the country’s history is being polluted and Mahatma Gandhi’s characteristics are not there. A scam is going on under the NDA regime, is it free to give pension to the elderly and disabled? He asked. If the freebies are wrong, then why are they giving to NPAs? Manja, blades, nail cutters and national flags are also imported from China. They flagged at extreme levels whether this is what Makein India is all about.

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