Telangana: Ata.. here again.. finally KA Paul is a public singer who entered the party.. also contesting the elections

Gaddar, a popular singer in both the Telugu states, needs no introduction. He is equal to singing revolutionary songs. Gaddar Pariyastu to all the people of both Telugu states through revolutionary songs. His attire is also special. Gaddar is remembered more easily by his attire than by his face. Recently, he has been in the news for going to BJP and Congress party leaders. Gaddar surprised everyone by appearing in an open meeting of BJP held in Hyderabad recently. But he said that he had come to listen to Prime Minister Modi’s speech and to hear what he had to say. After that, Gaddar also met the leaders of the Congress party. On one occasion there was a campaign about whether Gaddar would join the BJP party. But after meeting the leaders of all the parties, no one took him seriously. But recently Gaddar surprised everyone by joining the Prajashanti Party of KL Paul. Moreover, Munugodu will contest on behalf of the Praja Shanti Party in the by-elections. With this, the popular singer Gaddar is going to contest the elections for the first time. Gaddar joined the Prajashanti Party in the presence of KA Paul in Hyderabad. On this occasion, KA Paul announced that Gaddar Munugodu will contest as his party’s candidate in the next by-election. Gaddar said that he is contesting in the previous by-election to protect the constitution. He said that he is contesting in the by-election with the intention of working with KA Paul who is working for world peace. He said that the campaign will start from October 6 (Thursday) for the blessings of the people.

Munugodu by-election polling will be held on November 3 and counting of votes will be held on November 6. It is already known that there is a three way competition between BJP, Congress and TRS. But Gaddar, who has a leftist ideology, is entering the ring earlier. He said that the left parties are already declaring their support to the ruling TRS party in the previous by-election. Even if the decision is taken in terms of the party, whether the workers who have always been in the party will vote for TRS or not will remain a big question. In this background, as Gaddar, who has a left-wing ideology, is contesting, there is no chance of getting the votes of fans of left-wing parties to Gaddar. Although Gaddar is contesting in the by-election earlier, he may not be a big contender. As the Prajashanthi Party has no actual strength in Telangana, it is unlikely that the party will give even a nominal contest. TRS, Congress and BJP are confident of winning in Munugodu where there is a three-way contest. While Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy from BJP and Palvai Sravanti from Congress will contest, it has become interesting to see who will contest from TRS. Although the TRS candidate has not been officially announced yet, it seems that the high command is eyeing Koosukuntla Prabhakar Reddy. Within a couple of days, there will be complete clarity on who the TRS candidate will be.

BJP, TRS, Congress along with Prajashanti Party are standing in the ring. A candidate from BSP is also likely to contest. Some independent candidates are also preparing to contest. On the other hand, it has become somewhat interesting whether the candidate will contest in the name of TRS or the candidate will contest in the name of the newly announced Bharat Rashtra Samiti. Earlier, KCR had said that he would be in the ring under the name of the new party. But the notification for the by-election has already been released. Although KCR has announced the name of the national party, the party has to be recognized by the Election Commission. The party leaders have already gone to Hastina to meet the Central Election Commission regarding that work. After meeting the Election Commission tomorrow, the decision will be taken by the EC whether the candidate of TRS will contest or contest on behalf of BRS.

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