Secunderabad: Investigation on all aspects of Ruby Hotel fire accident intensified.. Owner arrested..

Secunderabad Fire Accident: The North Zone Task Force Police has conducted an investigation into the fire accident at the Ruby Hotel in Secunderabad. Owner Ranjit Singh Bagga was arrested. Postmortem was conducted on the bodies of those who died in the accident. Later, the dead bodies were taken to their native places. Eight people lost their lives in a fire that broke out in a five-storied building named Ruby Luxury Pride near Secunderabad Passport Office. The showroom of Ruby Electric vehicles is running in the basement and ground floors of the building. A hotel is being maintained on the remaining four floors. A fire broke out from the ground floor. The batteries of the electric vehicles in the showroom exploded due to the heat. Due to this, there was dense smoke in the surrounding area. Clues team has prepared a primary report on the incident. 5 cylinders, 40 E bikes, bikes, 2 two wheelers and a generator were found in the cellar. There are suspicions that the accident may have happened due to a short circuit in the generator or else in this bike. Officials said that the lithium batteries were burnt in the fire and the smoke spread widely.

The police concluded that the electric vehicle showroom, which caused the accident, was set up against the rules. A case has been registered against Bagga Ranjith along with another person in this case. Seven of the eight dead have been identified. Ten more victims are undergoing treatment in the hospital. Among them, Jayant from Bengaluru is in critical condition. HRC Chairman visited the spot. He said that it is not appropriate to put such showrooms in crowded places.

They died of suffocation due to thick smoke. In fact, no commercial business should be done in the cellar.. but the owner acted against it. Home Minister Mahmood Ali said that legal action will be taken against the owner of the building. On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi expressed shock over the fire incident. 2 lakhs for the families of the dead and 50 thousand each for the injured. Prime Minister Modi expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the deceased.

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