Secunderabad: Four people have been arrested in the case of Ruby Hotel fire accident.

Secunderabad Ruby Hotel Fire Accident: The task force police have arrested four people in the Ruby Hotel fire accident case. Ranjit Singh Bagga, Sumit Singh Bagga, manager Sudarshan Naidu along with the supervisor were arrested. The police examined the accident site and examined the documents belonging to Ruby Hotel. A team of officers took away the CCTV footage of the cellar area. Also photographs of generators, cylinders and e-motors were taken. The police took Sudarshan, the hotel manager, to the spot. Ranjit Singh and his son Sumit Singh went to their house in Karkha after closing the electrical bike showroom at around 9 pm on the day of the accident. After that, at 9 hours 45 minutes, the lodge staff called and gave information about the fire. Immediately upon reaching there, the unimaginable happened. As a result, the father and son escaped from there and hid in Medchal Farm House. Since then, the police, who have been searching for them, came to know that they were in the farm house and arrested them. According to the information given by them, lodge manager Sudarshan Naidu and supervisors were also arrested.

An investigation by the fire department revealed that the accident happened due to lithium battery explosions. This is the reason why the entire building was gutted by the fire department. The report clarified that the loss of life was due to non-functioning fire equipment, the entire building being in a closed circuit and having only one exit gate. The report said that there is only one entrance and one exit to the building..Stairs were placed next to the lift against the rules. Negligence of the building and hotel owner was explained behind the fire. According to the CCTV footage, the explosion took place within 12 seconds of the smoke being seen. Eight people died in the Ruby accident. Nine others are undergoing treatment in different hospitals. The condition of one of them is serious.

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