Secunderabad Cantonment: New difficulties for the residents of the Cantonment.. Army has imposed prohibitory orders on the residential areas too..

It is not an enemy country.. but it has boundaries. They are not intruders.. but they are constant harassers. Not somewhere.. in our Hyderabad. See why. In Secunderabad cantonment area, the people are suffering. In addition to the old problems, new difficulties are now causing turmoil. The people there are getting fed up with unsolved problems. At every step they are facing difficulties with army restrictions. The residents of the cantonment are angry that development is being done without the right to live freely.

Army has blocked 27 roads in Cantonment area. Some roads have been barricaded. Some have iron fences and others are guarded by the military. Now prohibitory orders have been imposed on residential areas as well. People are facing difficulties due to restrictions on playgrounds. Locals say that it is not appropriate to close the roads and impose restrictions in the area where millions of people live. The residents of the cantonment want the central and state governments to provide a solution to this problem.

Meanwhile, the state government has already complained to the central government several times about the plight of the cantonment residents. The state government says that they have asked to give some relaxations in the cantonment area and to provide an opportunity for development works. The state government expresses its displeasure that the defense is not heeding their requests at all. The people of the Cantonment and the state government are begging the Defense Department to respond and take appropriate measures keeping in mind the problems of the people.

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