Osmania University: Protest in OU.. Nizam College students with fighting spirit..

One movement leads to another movement. Each other’s struggle inspires each other. This has been proven many times in history. A similar struggle has started in Hyderabad. The struggle of Nizam College students ignited fire among OU students. Osmania Varsity students fought for the hostel with their fighting spirit. The lightning caused panic in the campus. UG students of Nizam College fought tirelessly for the hostel. They moved to allocate the new building completely to themselves and achieved what they wanted. The movement started in OU the next day after the agitation of Nizam College students ended. The students fought for allotment of hostel to them. Concerned that the VC is acting negligently in allotment of hostels.

The sudden arrival of students on the road created tension in OU. There was a lot of tension when the students went into the administrative building. The security staff and the students got into a scuffle. Many people were injured due to this. In the administration building, the students created a ruckus by destroying the VC's chamber and furniture. They raised slogans that hostel should be allotted to them immediately. However, while the Nizam College students fought peacefully and achieved what they wanted, the OU students behaved differently and created a commotion in the university.

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