National Integration Day: Diamond celebrations of TRS national integration from today.. Bike rallies with national flag in all constituencies

TRS is replying to BJP. The ruling TRS is organizing a huge meeting at NTR Ground to compete with the BJP. While the BJP is celebrating Telangana Liberation Day, the Telangana government is celebrating it as National Unity Day. The programs are running competitively. The state government will hold a huge meeting at NTR ground. The state government is organizing Telangana National Unity Days from today. TRS will organize bike rallies in all constituencies hoisting national flags. Minister KTR will participate in programs organized in Sirisilla and Vemulawada. Rallies will be taken up to People’s Plaza in Hyderabad under the leadership of City Ministers and MLAs. Celebrations will be held at NTR Garden tomorrow and cultural programs will be organized across the state of Ellundi.

Keeping in view the delicate atmosphere in the city, the police department has been alerted. Arrangements will be made to ensure peace and security in Hyderabad. It suggests peaceful September 17 celebrations. A special focus has been put on social media. The police say that there is nothing to ignore if there is a disturbance to peace and security.

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