Mobile House: Now you can take your house with you.. See how it is here..

Mobile House: Mobile homes which are seen somewhere abroad have now come to India. That too in our Hyderabad..Sontill is everyone’s dream. That is why they spend a lot and build houses as they like. If one has to leave such a home for any reason… the pain is indescribable. There is no need for that pain now. Because the days have come when we take our home with us. Same as mobile houses. These are being made at Jeedimet in Hyderabad.

Sand, cement, concrete, bricks, iron for pillars are used to build a house. But for these mobility houses, you can build a beautiful mobile house with just iron and wood. One wonders how to carry such a big house from one area to another. But the house can be shifted with the help of cranes. If we have a place of our own we can build a house as we like at a low cost.

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