Malla Reddy: Case against Minister Malla Reddy.. IT officer complains that he assaulted and tampered with the evidence..

IT Raids On Malla Reddy: IT raids on Minister Malla Reddy's properties have ended. Along with Hyderabad IT officials, 400 people from Odisha and Karnataka were divided into 65 teams and conducted searches for two days. It is reported that 10.50 crores have been seized so far. In this order, the IT department went from inspections to reprimands. Now cases have also been registered in the police station. Mallareddy ran to the hospital and brought the IT officer Ratnakar along. At the same time, the IT officials alleged that the laptop and phones were stolen. After a while the laptop was brought but the IT staff did not take it. Moreover, the IT officials claim that it is not their laptop. The laptop is still in Boinpally police station. It was in this order that the police registered a case against Mallareddy on the basis of a complaint given by the IT officials.

Deputy Director of IT Department Ratnakar has complained against Minister Mallareddy on five points.

  • Obstructing the duties of a civil servant
  • Destroying evidence and evidence
  • Giving false information
  • Profanity
  • Mallareddy is accused of stealing laptops and phones
  • A case was registered against Minister Mallareddy under various sections based on the complaint given by the IT officials.

Mallareddy claimed that they were forced to sign on fake documents claiming to have found 100 crores. He ran to the hospital asking what would be the condition of his son in the hospital if he forced himself. The minister is alleging that he had already taken signatures with his son. Mallareddy expressed anger on the topic of hundreds of crores of illegal donations. The IT officials have prepared the documents. Mallareddy said that everything is correct.

Minister Mallareddy expressed his anger on the IT officials. Complaints were filed against each other at Boinpally police station and the IT officer filed a complaint against Ratnakar. Ratnakar was taken by the hand and taken to the PS. If Mallareddy complains to the police against the IT officials, it became a topic of discussion that the IT officials complained to the commissioner against Mallareddy that they were defaming them by not cooperating with the investigation.

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