KTR: The plight of becoming laborers in one’s own farm.. Implementation of Becho India in the country.. Minister KTR fires at the Centre.

Telangana minister KTR has once again fired on the central government. He expressed anger that the target was to sell the public sector institutions. He criticized for privatizing companies like ports, LIC, railways and Air India. He objected that Becho India program is being implemented in the country with a series of sales. He was criticized for not having the least understanding of farmers or agriculture. Modi, who has already bitten his tongue by bringing black laws, has once again been accused of planning to privatize the agriculture and power sectors on the same path. The prime minister called to reverse the conspiracies. He said that the Prime Minister is undermining the Food Security Act. He expressed extreme anger that the Center is avoiding the responsibility of buying grain. Moreover, they criticized that they are trying to bind those responsibilities to private individuals.

Telangana farmers will be the losers if power reforms are implemented. Farmers do not have free electricity. There will be a plight of becoming a laborer in one's own farm. The Center is trying to corporatize agriculture and electricity. Focused on electricity and agriculture. It is outrageous to announce that agriculture will also be privatized. Laws are being gazetted without any discussion. 95 percent of the farmers in the country are small farmers. The rupee has gone to hell. Reports say that India has surpassed Nigeria in poverty. They are bringing new laws and allowing them to set up the Gallico power project. PM Modi doesn't seem to be able to sleep until he makes his friend a stranger.

– KTR, Minister of Telangana

Apart from that, Minister KTR expressed his anger that the Center is trying to lift subsidies with reforms in the power sector. KTR said that there are 26 lakh pump sets in the state of Telangana. If the electricity is not provided to these, where should the farmers go? Telangana will suffer the most if the central conspiracies continue. Minister KTR has called upon the party leaders and people to be ready for whatever call the Chief Minister calls, keeping in mind the interests of the state, that the prices of petrol and diesel will change on the day of reckoning if private companies enter the power sector.

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