KTR: If you give freebies to the poor.. If you give incentives to the elders.. KTR fire on the attitude of the Centre

A political war is going on between the Telangana government and the Centre. While the Telangana leaders are condemning the criticisms of the Centre, the Center is responding strongly to the criticisms of Telangana. Telangana has once again responded to the Centre’s stand in this order. Minister KTR demanded to explain the policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on public welfare and discuss it with the people of the country. He questioned whether the welfare schemes being implemented in the BJP-ruled states would be demanded or not. They canceled all the free welfare schemes and protested whether they will go to the next elections. He questioned whether there will be amendments in the Parliament to cancel the free welfare schemes implemented by the states and the centre. During the speech to the nation after hoisting the national flag on the Red Fort on the occasion of the Independence Diamond Jubilee, he wanted to clarify the Prime Minister’s stance on the welfare schemes of the poor. Modi’s policy is to beat the crows and throw them to the hawks.

What is free in your eyes. Say what is inappropriate. If you give it to the poor, is it free? If you give it to the elders, is it an incentive? Loan waiver for farmers is bitter.. Is corporate loan waiver a burden? What about giving tax concessions to corporates while imposing GST on essentials? How many loans were waived off to the big babus and farmers during the eight-year rule. GST has been imposed on essential commodities like milk and curd. They are pulling the mouth of the poor people. The debt of Rs.80 lakh crore was spent for the benefit of which groups. Have you brought even one welfare scheme to feed the poor?

– KTR, Minister of Telangana

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