KTR: A mother’s letter that moved Minister KTR.

KTR: Telangana IT Minister KTR ranks first among politicians who are active on social media. The minister who responds to the problems and problems of the people from time to time on the Twitter platform, also solves their problems on the spot. The concerned authorities are given instructions on the spot to take immediate action. In this background, Minister KTR was recently moved by a letter written by a mother. The minister immediately responded to the said letter and tweeted on Twitter. So what is in the letter written by that mother? To know what the minister responded, you have to go to this story..

A mother from Hyderabad recently visited KBR Park in Jubilee Hills with her five-year-old son. At the same time, the boy picked up the feathers that fell on the ground from the peacocks in the park and came out with them. But the security at the gate stopped the boy and refused to take the feathers. According to the Forest Act, killing or harming the peacock, the national bird, is a legal offence, and the feathers were taken back. The boy's mother wrote a letter explaining the same.

How can taking the fallen feathers hurt the national bird? Some questions were raised saying that it is not wrong to make the peacock feathers happy instead of getting damaged like that. This letter caught the attention of Minister KTR. Tweeting the letter written by the mother. I request the KBR park authorities to give permission to the girls to pick up the peacock feathers that have fallen in the park. This tweet is becoming somewhat viral.

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