Khairatabad Ganesh: This time the immersion of Khairatabad Ganesha is there.. Everything is ready for the procession..

Khairatabad Ganesh is the first thing that everyone remembers about Ganesha festivals in Hyderabad. Not one step, two steps.. This time Lambodara has increased to 50 feet. Ganapayya, who was receiving puja from Chavithi, got ready for immersion. To this extent, the members of the festival committee are making arrangements. Everything is ready for the procession. A huge truck was arranged for the procession. Welding work is being done to prevent the statue from falling. Devotees are coming in large numbers as there is only one more day of darshan. Even on this day, many celebrities and VIPs visited Vinayaka in Khairatabad. We think that such a huge earthen Ganesha is usually immersed where it is, but the Khairatabad Ganesha is going to be immersed in Hussain Sagar with Shobhayatra. Ganesh Shobhayatra, which is held annually in Hyderabad, stands first in the country. A bike rally will be organized around Hussain Sagar under the aegis of Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsava Samiti.

A statue of Matti Ganasadhi was installed for environmental protection. The reign of Khairatabad Ganesha which started with one step in 1954 has been increasing every year since then. After the entire Khairatabad Ganesha statue reached 60 feet, a Shastipurthi mahotsava was held in 2014. After that, they are reducing the height again. A 50 feet Ganesha idol was installed this year. Due to the stampede during the distribution of laddoos in the past, the officials and organizers had taken precautions and put a toy laddoo in the hand of the statue. Special arrangements are being made for Ganesh Navratri celebrations and immersion.

Due to Corona, the festival has not been held for two years. Ganesh Navratri celebrations were started by worshiping Panchamukha Mahalakshmi Ganapati with the intention of making auspiciousness without any hindrance this time. GHMC officials are setting up special water ponds for idol immersion. The Supreme Court has restrained the state government from immersing the statues made of plaster of Paris in Hussain Sagar.

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