Khairatabad Ganesh: The 70-ton Maha Ganesh of Khairatabad will reach Gangamma’s lap.

Khairatabad Ganesh: The Shobhayatra of Shri Panchamukha Mahalakshmi Ganapati, who is worshiped in Khairatabad, will begin shortly. Mahaganapati, who received special pujas for nine days, will reach Gangamma's lap in a few hours. After the final poojas, Ganasathan will be loaded on the trolley shortly. All the Telugu people in Telugu states and abroad are eagerly waiting for the immersion of Khairatabad. Directly and indirectly lakhs of devotees witness the immersion ceremony.

Shripanchamukha Mahalakshmi Ganapati, who received special pooja for nine days, will reach Gangamma's lap in a few hours. Khairatabad Mahaganapati, which weighs about 70 tons, is being used as a state-of-the-art trolley vehicle. This Mahaganapati is going to be immersed near Crane No. 4 on NTR Marg.

The Khairatabad Utsav Committee has made a 50 feet clay statue for the first time in the 67-year history of the Utsav Committee. Last year, the High Court ordered that Plaster of Paris statues not be immersed in Hussainsagar. Khairatabad Utsava Committee stopped the Plaster of Paris statue this time saying that everyone should put clay idols. Arrangements for Khairatabad Bada Ganesh Namazjanam have been completed. Ganesha of Khairatabad was loaded into the trolley. Welding work is going on in the trolley. The 50 feet Ganesh Shobhayatra is going to start soon.

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