KCR: CM KCR who made his parents’ dream come true.. after nine years named the child..

KCR: When will Telangana Chief Minister KCR take the lead in giving unexpected surprises? It must be said that if the convoy stops and greets the people, if the childhood friends remember and greet him warmly, it is KCR's merit. Recently, the parents of Bhupalapalli were surprised by such a surprise. They fulfilled their nine-year-old dream and filled their family with happiness. The thing is..

A couple named Suresh and Anita from Nandigama village, Bhupalappalli mandal gave birth to a girl child in 2013. Suresh, who worked actively in the Telangana movement, decided to name his child after KCR. As a result, the child remained unchristened for nine years. Recently, the former Speaker, MLC Shri Madhusudhanachari informed KCR about this matter. On Sunday, the parents and the child were brought to Pragati Bhavan.

With this, the KCR couple who blessed the couple of Suresh and Anita. After nine years, the child was named 'Mahati'. The CM couple themselves dressed the people who came to their house and entertained them in traditional manner. The CM also provided financial assistance for the child's education. The Chief Minister thanked the couple for their nine-year dream coming true and unexpectedly calling them home.

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