Jubliee Hills Rape Case: All the accused are majors.. Another turning point in the Jubilee Hills rape case

The Hyderabad Jubilee Hills minor rape case has taken another turning point. The Juvenile Court has given a sensational judgment in the rape case of a girl who created a sensation in Hyderabad. Out of the five minor accused, four were considered as majors. During the trial time, it was directed to treat all four minors as majors. Juvenile Justice Board (spot) took this decision based on the report given by the psychiatrist. As the age of the accused was between sixteen and 18 years at the time of the crime, the police approached the juvenile court. The cops asked the court to treat all the accused as majors as they were guilty of serious crime. With that, the Juvenile Board treated the CCLs of the accused as a special case and took up the investigation. The mental status was analyzed with the help of a psychologist. The board confirmed that these four accused were not addicted to alcohol and had not consumed alcohol at the time of committing the crime. In the end, four of the five minor accused were treated as majors and given a judgment. In the case of the son of an MLA who is accused in the same case, the board could not come to a preliminary assessment. The Juvenile Justice Board decided to treat the charge against MLA’s son as minor as it was not serious.

On May 28 this year, a girl (17) who came to the Amnesia Pub in Jubilee Hills Road No. 36, Hyderabad, was taken in a car by some people believing that they would drop her at home. Later they committed gang rape. This case has become a sensation across the country. The Jubilee Hills police immediately took action and arrested Saduddin Malik (19) along with five other minors.

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