Hyderabad: Young people are the target.. The young woman who sent nude videos and collected Rs.

Cyber ​​Crime In Hyderabad: Hyderabad is not only a cosmopolitan city, but also a haven for cyber crimes. Did you forget.. that’s all. No one can save you if you have a mobile in your hand.. If you have clicked all the links. Cyber ​​criminals are always ready to rob you if you are not alert. They are ready to cheat in a new way. A young woman in Hyderabad has opened up to such a fraud. Youngsters are the target of sending friend requests on Instagram. She bowed down and said magic words. Collected phone numbers and lured girls on WhatsApp. Blackmailed by sending nude videos. She threatened to pay as much money as asked, otherwise she will post nude videos on social media. They told the youth that they have to pay money to delete the video. Not just one or two.

However, a victim who could not bear the harassment approached the cyber crime police. With this, the young woman of Kiladi came out. Gachibowli police was alerted by the complaint of a young man that thousands of rupees were collected from him. A case has been registered against the young woman and investigation has started. The police asked those who were cheated by the young woman to have courage to file a complaint. It is suggested that you should not be afraid to complain for fear of being disgraced. Be aware of online scams. It is advised to be cautious when receiving calls from unknown numbers. It is advised to be careful about friend requests on social media. It is warned that one can get rid of online frauds only with vigilance.

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