Hyderabad: Went to swimming pool with friends.. Dead body floated away.. Student’s death became a mystery

Student dies after falling into swimming pool: The suspicious death of a student in the old city of Hyderabad has created a stir. The death of a young man under suspicious circumstances in Chandrayanagutta has sparked local tension. The death of 24-year-old Syed Samiuddin while swimming in the swimming pool is causing many suspicions. Syed Samiuddin, an engineering graduate, went to Barkus Bell Vale’s swimming pool with his friends this morning. All ten people got into the swimming pool together. After swimming, all the friends came out, but Samiuddin was found dead in the pool.

Samiuddin's death is now facing many suspicions. How he died in an area only 5 feet deep remains a mystery. Is it the swimming pool manager's fault? Or is there a conspiracy of friends? The police are investigating. The CCTV footage of the swimming pool is being examined.

The family members complained that Samiuddin died due to the negligence of the swimming pool managers. Samiuddin's brother claims that Samiuddin died because he could not swim and was not supervised by the organizers.

Meanwhile, swimming pool deaths are increasing in Hyderabad. So far only children have died, but now the death of a young person is causing a stir. Organizers who are opening swimming pools as a target for cans are raising the bar on safety. It seems that most of the deaths are due to lack of proper facilities, lack of supervision and carelessness.

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