Hyderabad: TSRTC has given good news to the students.. Even in rural and city buses

Since taking charge as MD of TSRTC, Sajjanar has been trying very hard to put the organization in a groove. Various decisions have already been taken to increase the occupancy. In this order, the fares have been increased and some burden has been placed on the passengers. The old tagline of RTC journey is safe and happy. Recently another important decision has been taken for the students. Good news was given to the students who come to many colleges of the city from distant places. The students were allowed to use the bus passes issued by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation in the village light and express buses as well.

Many students from the suburbs are coming to the colleges and schools in the city to study. They do daily service every day. But currently the passes issued by TSRTC to them are valid only in city buses. Those passes are not valid in the Pallevelugu and express buses. Not many city buses ply to the suburbs of the city. Due to this, the burden will be on the students as they resort to private vehicles. In this order, the organization received a large number of requests from students as well as their parents. And then after the review, the RTC officials issued orders allowing the students who have city bus pass to travel in the village light and express bus as well.

This decision was taken as the shortage of TSRTC city buses has become a problem for the students. On an average, college buses cost Rs. 30,000 will be charged. But the RTC bus pass costs only 4,000 for 10 months. This will reduce the burden of students up to 24 thousand per year.

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