Hyderabad: The video of a huge hill snake roaming in the cremation ground is disturbing Hyderabadis.

A large hillock has created a stir in the Muslim graveyard in Falaknuma, Hyderabad. Some people captured the scene on their mobile cameras as the 6-foot-tall hill snake roamed the graves. Later it was posted on social media. The video is currently going viral on the net. The people of the city are shocked after seeing the video. According to the words heard in the video, it seems that this incident took place at the Qadri Chaman crematorium in Falak Numa. Meanwhile, as a huge python was found in the cemetery, the surrounding locals are panicking.

Moreover, there is a big tamarind tree in the same graveyard and it is feared that children often go here for tamarinds. It is understood that Konda Chiluva is sheltering among the graves there. The fear of more such snakes under the graves is haunting the locals. The locals want to catch the python as soon as possible. On the other hand, the related video is circulating well on social media. Seeing this, the city residents are getting upset.

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