Hyderabad: Strong smell from a strange tree in the house.

Telangana: You are observant. Nowadays, cannabis is everywhere. Smuggling and selling are going on. In Telugu states, however, tens of cases of drug trafficking or sale are reported daily. We keep seeing stories of the police turning a blind eye and struggling to transport this scumbag. But recently, in the heart of Hyderabad, a house in the Old City (Old City) has grown up to 7 feet, causing a stir. Mohammad Abdul Hai (62) of Patabasti GM Chavuni had rented out his house to Anwar Syed Mahmood some time ago. Anwar lives there with his family members. From his house there is a strong smell to the surrounding people. When he inquired about this, he saw a 7 feet tall tree with small leaves. They became suspicious and informed the CCS police. So on Wednesday evening, the cops made a sudden entry to his house. They came there and checked and confirmed that it was a cannabis plant. The plant was immediately destroyed. A cannabis plant can be eight months old. The owner of the house along with the tenant has been detained and is being interrogated. Charminar Excise Police is investigating the case. He said that if it is found that the plant has been grown at will, the accused will be bound over.

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