Hyderabad Road: Do not doubt this is the road.. It is in our great Hyderabad.! The officials are just dots..

How is the road seen here? If you look at the road, it looks like a path leading into the fields.. But if you look at the side, you can see buildings. Doubt Idekkadabba is coming? Do you feel like you are in the countryside somewhere? If you have such doubts, you are not wrong. Because this is an area in Greater Capra Municipality of our Greater Hyderabad.
When it rains, we think of swamp.. It is nothing more than that.. There is no word to describe it. Because it rained, the people staying here had to leave their vehicles away and reach home on foot. Even if they think that it is okay to walk. On the other side of this road is Vampu Guda village of Jawahar Nagar. From there, dirty water, rain water all go down directly through this road. When it rains, rain water.. When the rain goes away, it is dirty water.. and the dirt road they made there is washed away by the rain. This is not a problem today, it has been the same for the past four years. There is no official that the people of this area do not meet.. There is no office that the people do not visit. After going around the municipal office.. there is nothing to do after pleading with the officials on Twitter.. they are confused as to what to do. Even now they are begging the officials and leaders to repair this road.

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