Hyderabad Metro: Hyderabad Metro ‘Loyalty Bonus’.. Check your ‘ID’ number..

Hyderabad Metrol has announced a bumper offer for passengers traveling in Metro. As part of its 5th anniversary celebrations, it has announced a ‘Loyalty Bonus’ for customers. It has released a list of some smart card IDs in the name of trusted customers. The passengers of these IDs released by the metro authorities will be given a bumper offer. If anyone matches these IDs released by the authorities, they are asked to contact the authorities of the nearest metro station.

Check if your IDs match the issued ID numbers. If your number matches.. your details have been sent to us. Call 040-23332555, WhatsApp on 7995999533,” Hyderabad Metro said. Metro officials have clarified that you should send your details before 1 pm on 28th November.

Here are the ID numbers announced by the Hyderabad Metro authorities for 'Loyalty Bonus':

1. 10100003890119

2. 101000010715659

3. 10100001417850

4. 10100004374980

5. 10100000006433

6. 10100001930276

7. 10100002449022

8. 101000011214385

9. 10100002975875

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