Hyderabad Liberation Day: The Nizam Nawab, who was fuming with the religion of power, was beaten.

Hyderabad Liberation Day: The Nizam Nawab was beaten by the religion of power. Fearing that the looting period will run out…they sang the end of the Gadis rule created by the anarchs. Bari’s cannons rang out and the gunshots rained down, but the raised flag did not come down. Ravvantha’s spirit was not dampened either. Sacrifices were made and they breathed their last for the armed struggle. Encountered the formations of Rajakars en masse. Telangana Liberation Day on September 17.

If we look at the situation of Telangana when Qasim Razvi was complaining and the people of Telangana were living in agony while the tortures were happening, it is clear that the Telangana region will continue to struggle. For land, for Bhukti and for the liberation of Telangana region, many people died fighting with Rajakars. If the country got independence on August 15, 1947, the Telangana region got independence on September 17, 1948. Despite losing many lives fighting against the Razakars in the Telangana region, they fought against the Nizam without persisting. That is why the Nizam surrendered to the Union of India on September 17, 1948 as part of the police action.

What is the demand of the people?

With this, the state of Hyderabad merged with India. For that, the main demand of the people of Telangana region is that the Telangana Liberation Day should be officially celebrated by the government. The rural people who were shocked by the killings and atrocities committed by the Rajakars on the Hindus of the Telangana region formed a community. Needless to say, this is the reason for the formation of Sangam in Telangana region in the first place. The people formed a community and declared that the policies like illegal and confiscation of collections will not continue for much longer. Moreover, as the struggle was against the village chiefs, landlords, deshmukhs and jagirdars, the Rajakars colluded with the police to suppress these struggles.

As a result, Arya Samaj, State Congress and Communist parties stood by the struggles of the people. Rajakars committed robberies, rapes and arson at will. If people resisted, the police and police cars would come. With this, the Communist Party called for an armed struggle to counter the atrocities committed by the Nizam's army and Rajakar's forces.

Harassment with Razakars..

On August 15, 1947, the British announced their independence and the Nizam declared that the state of Hyderabad would not join the Indian Union and would be independent if they did not want to merge the states into the Indian government. As a result, the people of Telangana districts living in Hyderabad faced many harassments. Many people from the Telangana region who fought with the Rajakars chose the path of armed struggle and continued to fight. Arutla Ramchandra Reddy, Kurraram Ramireddy, Renigunta Ramireddy and many others died in the armed struggle.

118 victims

On this occasion, the Razakars harassed people in villages like Byron Pally, Kootigal, Maddur, Dul Mitta and Lingapur of Warangal district. The people also formed a village defense force and fought with the Razakars and many villagers were killed. In the month of May 1948, the Rajakars attacked Byron Pally village with their army and killed 118 people. However, the people of the villages decided that one day's suffering is better than daily suffering, and formed a village defense force to fight against the Nizam. In various villages of Warangal and Nalgonda districts, stupas are seen in the name of Telangana martyrs who died in the same armed struggle. Meanwhile, the villagers built a stupa with the names of 118 martyrs who died in Byron Palli and carved the names of the martyrs on the stupa and made Telangana immortal in history.

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