Hyderabad Liberation Day: The history of Telangana should be known to today’s generation.. Governor Tamilisai recalled the attacks of Rajakars

Governor Tamilisai said that today’s generation needs to know the history of Telangana on September 17. On the occasion of Telangana Liberation Day, Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan inaugurated an exhibition at the Parade Ground in Hyderabad on Wednesday. An exhibition was arranged with photos of activists who fought against the Nizam at the ground. Speaking on this occasion, Governor Tamilisai suggested that September 17 should be celebrated as Liberation Day. He said that the harassment of Telangana people cannot be forgotten. He said that there is a need to remember those who sacrificed for Telangana. She said that the atrocities and atrocities committed against the people of Telangana cannot be forgotten.

In his speech, the governor recalled the shooting of 35 people in Parakala during the Nizam's rule. Many such incidents have taken place that day. She asked how we can forget such incidents. She said that those who died in these incidents are our brothers and sisters. She mentioned that the blood of martyrs was spilled on Telangana.

In his speech, the Governor referred to the incident in Byron Palli where 90 people were killed. Past history cannot be hidden. The youth of this generation want to know about the events that took place on that day. Governor Tamilisai reminded that these attacks were carried out by mobs. In the past, there were many parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra in the state of Hyderabad.

These festivals are organized under the auspices of the Central Tourism Department. The Center has also invited Chief Ministers of Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra for this programme. Union Minister Amit Shah will participate in the Telangana Liberation Day celebrations to be held in Hyderabad. Since these areas were also liberated during the Nizam's rule, the Center has also sent an invitation to the CMs of these two states.

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