Hyderabad: Heart patients are safe in Hyderabad ESI.. Heart exercise for three months..

On the one hand, new diseases are emerging… on the other hand, clinical research is increasing and medical technology is also being updated. In the treatment of the main organ, the heart, we are still advancing. Unlike the traditional method… the latest treatment that gives freedom to the heart is called cardiac rehabilitation. A Cardiac Rehab Department has been established at ESI Medical College Hospital, Hyderabad. It is the first such unit in the country in the public sector. Cardiac rehab center provides treatment for those with reduced heart function and capacity. This increases the capacity of the heart and has a chance to work more actively than before. Cardiac rehab… is done in three stages. After the surgery… the patient’s heart function is monitored. A safe zone to exercise is determined by assessing the heart’s capacity. For three months the person will do the necessary exercise for the heart. Doctors say that the patient’s heart function will improve after that.

This cardiac rehabilitation program saves heart patients from having to live in fear after the operation. There is no need to go to the hospital. Most importantly, there is a chance of getting rid of minor complications after heart surgery. So far, those who have undergone cardiac rehab have been able to run marathons and look fitter than ever after heart surgery.

Such satisfaction is seen among the patients treated at ESI Cardiac Rehab Center. They say that they were worried about their life after the heart operation, now there is no such tension and they are leading a regular life like others. Cardiac Rehab Center… currently available only in Hyderabad ESI Medical College. Public health will improve if more centers are established. Hirana can reduce heart disease. It can give more assurance to those who have undergone heart surgery.

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