Hyderabad: Have new rules been put in place to tell you to talk nonsense while wearing uniform?

Telangana: Two traffic cops in the city are angry. Apart from playing challans on the vehicles, they also played the cheeks of motorists asking them to pay fines. The behavior of two traffic policemen in Cyberabad has now become a hot topic in the city. Officers conducted drunk and drive checks in Miyapur area at night. Traffic CI behaved excessively in these checks. Traffic CI Suman had his hand on a motorist with authority in his hand. Scolding him, he grabbed him by the collar and beat him. But if the traffic officers do not have the authority to hit you, if you make a mistake, you should register a case without listening to the victim.. will you tell me? Saying that, the CI was still agitated.

Also in KPHB, a traffic inspector arrested a person. A person riding a bike was stopped by the Kukatpally traffic police at Kaitlapur. He said that there are pending challans on the vehicle and the money should be paid immediately. But he said that he has no money right now, he is going on urgent work and he will pay tomorrow. However, traffic CI Kiran, who did not agree, abused him. Big words came out of sir’s mouth. Since he has a uniform on his back… he has given coloring as if he has come down from the upper world.

The citizens are angry saying that this is what friendly policing means. He expressed anger that the power is in his hands. Due to this, the behavior of these two traffic policemen has become a topic of discussion in the city. The victims are demanding action against them.

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