Hyderabad: Good news for residents of Bhagyanagar.. ‘Neera Cafe’ on Necklace Road.

A cafe is a place where tea and coffee are sold. But the soon-to-be-opened cafe on Hyderabad’s Necklace Road will sell more than that. Yes.. Neera Cafe is going to start in few days. You might think Neera is the name of the cafe.. but it is not. This neera is similar to Tati Kallu and Ita Kallu. Now let’s know what is the story of Neera and where this cafe is going to be established.

Neera is a drink that imparts an unsweetened sugary taste. It is produced from palm, ita and coconut trees as well as dates and jeeluga trees. Neera is a natural liquid without alcohol. Kallu is obtained by mixing a small quantity of water and mud (Pathakallu) in a pot and tying it to a tree. But before drawing the neera, without adding any water or mud in the new pot, the neera is the fresh drink. Any tree Nira imparts taste and health. Studies have revealed that it has many medicinal properties that prevent diseases.

Health benefits

Nutrients in neera boost immunity in humans. Neera also contains nutrients that contribute to the growth of blood cells. Removes indigestion and constipation. Urinary diseases are reduced. If stones are formed in the kidneys.. Neera can reduce the problem to some extent.. Neera is the first step before removing stones from trees. If it gets a little heat, it slowly ferments and turns into clay. The drink of Neera before turning into stone does not cause any intoxication. Neera, who comes in the morning, is brought to the Neera Cafe on Necklace Road, which uses technology to prevent it from turning into eyes.

Neera Cafe..

Just like there are various brands of alcohol in the market.. If you bring a brand to the stones that are blessed by nature.. the caste industry will grow to the level of an industry. But the results will be there only when the Geetha workers participate in it. Neerakafe is part of this effort. The government has initiated the establishment of Neerakafe on Necklace Road in Hyderabad. Recently Minister KTR laid the foundation stone. The seats are designed in such a way that it feels like sitting on palm fronds and swimming fronds. You can sit on them and say cheers with a stone. Telangana cuisine stalls are also being set up. Neerakafe is a symbol of the existence of Geethakarmik. Neera is very good for health as compared to other drinks. So far, countries like Cambodia, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka have produced the highest amount of Nira. Neerakafe, which is starting experimentally in the city of Hyderabad, will complete its construction in a few days and will provide new flavors to the people of the city.

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