Hyderabad: Drug kingpin D’Souza arrested.. 168 Hyderabad residents in contact list..

John Stephen DSouza Arrest: Goa drug kingpin John Stephen D’Souza alias Steve has been arrested by the Hyderabad police. The police arrested Babu alias Kali on August 16.. and obtained vital information from him. A police investigation has traced the seven drug smugglers named by Kali. Drug King Stephen D’Souza, who was supplying drugs from Goa, was arrested by the Hyderabad Police in collaboration with the Goa Police. It was found that Stephen has a list of 600 drug customers across the country. Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing said that 168 of them are from Hyderabad.

The East Zone DCP said that there is a drug den in the hill top restaurant in the center of Goa. The Hill Top Pub, which has been running since 1983, hosts special parties and trance music parties every Friday. The police said that the inquiry revealed that the tourists who participated in the parties were taking and buying drugs. He said that Steve's agents are selling the drugs. DCP of East Zone said that Steve was arrested with full details and produced in Goa court. It has been revealed that more information on the drug mafia will be given soon.

Meanwhile, Narcotics Wing has already identified that Stephen is supplying drugs to Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore and Chennai along with Hyderabad. Agents were arranged and made sure that drugs were supplied through them. At first, the people who were buying drugs were arrested, and they were slowly taken away from there.. The real facts came to light during the investigation. Many people were arrested when the authorities found out that drugs were being supplied centrally in colleges and schools. In this order, the police arrested the suspect named Tony. Now, in a joint operation, the drug kingpin John Stephen D'Souza has been arrested.

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