Hyderabad: Driving with children sitting in the trunk of the car.. Hyderabad traffic police shocked

Viral Video: Some motorists drive carelessly on the road. They don’t really care about traffic rules. They drive rashly without caring for others. Although the traffic police are imposing fines and impounding vehicles, there is no change in traffic violators. A video related to traffic violations in this context has now gone viral on the net. In this, parents make their children sit in the trunk of the car. Not one.. Not two but three children sitting together and the parents are sitting in the front row. Those who give children a toy to play with do not care about their children at all.

While they were traveling in a car with number plate TS7HA8607, the video was taken by the car behind them. This video was taken by zooming in to make the number plate visible. Later it was posted on social media. 'Are they like irresponsible parents? Please watch this video and take appropriate action," he said, tagging the names of KTR, Telangana Traffic Police and TSRTC MDs. Responding to this post, the Cyberabad traffic police issued a challan based on the number plate of the car. 'Sir.. we have sent an e-challan to the concerned motorist as per your complaint. Thank you for joining hands with Cyberabad Traffic Police' tweeted the Cyberabad Traffic Police.

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