Hyderabad: Do you also do this with Instagram..Five thousand rupees per thousand..Finally got caught by the police…

Fraudsters are getting angry. They are supplying fake notes on Instagram as if nothing is disqualifying for the crime. Chennai police have caught a money exchange gang between Hyderabad and Chennai. Chennai police have caught a gang who were using the social media format illegally to exchange money. It was found that the fake currency gang is committing this fraud on the platform of Instagram without raising any suspicion. These fake notes have been being exchanged for some time through Hyderabad to Chennai fast courier. A fake currency Instagram account was created for this purpose. Many young people joined it. If you work online sitting at home, you will get paid. The owner approached the police as this parcel, which arrived at the DTCP courier in Chennai, looked suspicious. The police found counterfeit notes in this parcel which came from Hyderabad in the name of Sujith. Satish from Vellacheri was detained and interrogated by the police based on his address in Chennai.

Sujith from Hyderabad is committing fake currency through his Instagram account. It has been revealed in the police investigation that five thousand rupees will be given for exchange of one thousand rupees. With the information given by him, the police are investigating the fake currency gang in depth. They are collecting fake currency Instagram account details of Sujith who is sending fake currency notes from Hyderabad. Apart from this, the police also kept a special vigil on the private courier companies in Chennai. Details are being collected on how long the fake currency scam will continue.

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