Hyderabad: Cyber ​​attack on Mithani’s company.. They sent mail and paid Rs. 40 lakhs.. What happened..?

Cyber ​​Attack On Midhani: In the eyes of hackers, there is no difference. There is no difference between national and international. If you find anything, you have to empty it. Among them, students, teachers, police, judges, etc., whoever is the victim. Recently, a central organization was attacked.. They challenged the police that we are not inferior in anything. 40 lakhs to Midhan, a central government sector organization in Hyderabad. Canadian company’s mail id hacked by cybercriminals. Then Midhani sent a message to the authorities from the fake ID. Midhani officials thought that the company had already placed an order for the goods. According to the message received from there, Midhani officials transferred 40 lakhs to the account indicated in the mail. Until then, officials thought that the cash had gone to the company that had given the order.

However.. I don't know why or how.. how I got suspicious. Midhani officials were shocked when they received a phone call from Canada saying that the money had not arrived. Even then it was not known that the actual fraud had taken place. Midhani officials have alleged that the cyber fraud was the fault of the Canadian company. Midhani officials have lodged a complaint with the cybercrime police about the incident. Recently Midhani officials bought aluminum from a Canadian company. As part of these transactions, these payments are reported to have been made.

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