Hyderabad Crime News: The person who committed the theft in the house was caught by the surveillance camera within 24 hours.. how..

Telangana Crime News: If you go out for some work, this is what the thieves will do. They break into the house and take the hard-earned property. But with a smart move, a man managed to catch a burglar in his house within 24 hours. If we go into the details..

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If we go into the details... a person from Moinabad bought a small camera online for Rs. 3 thousand and kept it in the premises (hallway) of the house. He connected the wifi to this small camera and arranged to see the scenes on his phone all the time. But the person locked the house after work and went to Kukatpally. Noticing that no one was in the house, a thief broke in and stole the CCTV cameras, their DVRs, cash and other items. The owner in Kukatpally looked on his phone and realized that the small camera footage had been cut. Immediately suspicious, he went to see the person near his house. He told the owner on the phone that the locks of the house were broken. He entered the house and saw things lying in the beer garden and reported the matter. The theft came to light when the owner checked the small camera footage recorded on his phone. Police nabbed a burglar within 24 hours based on footage from a small camera on his phone. All this was possible with the help of a camera of only Rs.3 thousand. Cyberabad cybercrime ACP Shashank Reddy told the media that if everyone installs such cameras in their homes, they can provide security to their homes.

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