Hyderabad: CP Stephen Ravindra straight warning to pub owners.. music bandh after 10 pm

Telangana: Cyberabad CP Stephen Ravindra has issued a stern warning to the pub owners. It is suggested that the sound should not come out after 10 o’clock at night. Cyberabad CP should strictly follow the orders of the High Court. They are serious that strict action will be taken if the rules are violated. This is the latest update regarding pub culture in Hyderabad. There is already strong protest from the public of Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills against the pub culture. Due to them many accidents have happened in the name of drunk and driving. There were also casualties. Many families have fallen on the road. If all this is kept like that.. in the places where there are pubs.. traffic jam has become common. Drinking on the roads.. Ishtarajam behavior. The residents of Jubilee Hills are already fed up with all this. They complained many times and raised suspicion on the police. They came to the conclusion that this is happening in their dreams. If you think this.. through these sound pollution on a huge scale. There is a lack of peace of mind for the adults living in the surrounding areas. Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills.. Buy houses for peace. To spoil such a peaceful atmosphere – the management of the pubs here is very troublesome. objectionable. No matter how many complaints are made, there is no change in the management of pubs. Untimings as usual. Unwanted nuisance. Day and night – the same noise.

As a result of not being able to cope with this pollution, more pressure was put on the police. Cyberabad CP Stephen Ravindra called all the pub owners and gave a stern warning. Even if there is a small sound after ten at night, they warned that they will take it. He was serious that the orders of the High Court must be strictly followed.. Otherwise strict action will be taken. Let's see.. from now on.. whether or not Pabbu Gabbu will come under control.

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