Hyderabad: Big Challenge Completed.. Police Command Control Center Grand Success Under Ganesh Namazjanotsavam

Ensuring the security of Telangana. State police who are number one in the country.. Extra egg. Yes.. this is all about the Telangana Police Command Control Center which has been designed with modern touches. So, from this police tower, which recently held a grand opening ceremony, how did the supervision of Ganesh Nimajjana go for the first time? How is the system operating from the original sister? Actually, the command control center is functioning? Let’s find out. The Police Command and Control Center in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, which is the flagship of the Telangana state, has faced its first challenge. Hyderabad, which is famous in the country, has faced a big challenge in the form of supervision of the arrangement of Ganesh festivals. True to its name, it works hard and is capable. Not only in Hyderabad.. It monitored the manner of Vinayaka Namazjanas happening all over the state.

Armed security arrangements..
Command control is... command control... but how does it work? People are not clear about how it will be. But how did the massive ceremonial immersion go about monitoring? What approach was taken? If you listen to the words of Cyberabad CP... clarity will come. Not one.. Not two.. The police are monitoring 1700 CP footages at the same time.. Technology can be understood. From Abid's Circle to Khairatabad to Bada Ganesh.. from this corner to that corner of the city.. If every inch is under surveillance.. then you can understand the range of monitoring. Hyderabad Ganesh festival is not an ordinary thing..thousands of Ganesh devotees, lakhs of devotees behind them...words are not enough to describe the commotion and the processions...no matter how much security is neglected...the way the forces of rebellion break out is just as scary. Hence, the police of the twin cities make heavy security arrangements.

Around Ganesha of Khairatabad.. This time the police guard is special. Reason, Telangana Police Command Control Center. In line with that specialty... the Ganesh Shobhayatras along the way and every crane on the tank bund... were kept an eagle eye from the command control center. Akkannelle performed the duties of picking up suspicious people in the crowd. The CC footages of all the PSs within the city are connected.. a system to monitor all these.. If the Ganesh celebrations are gathered in the twin cities under the command control.. Khairatabad's huge Ganesh statue is another height. That's why, from the installation of that huge Ganesha to the immersion, there is a special focus around that environment. This time the police have increased vigilance from the command control. Fifteen to 20 cameras were installed around the big Ganesh for monitoring.

To feel every movement..
Amidst a huge crowd.. it is not a common thing to detect every human movement and every vehicle movement. But, due to the special system under the command control. It is not possible to say how much strength the command control center is.. but it is a fact that Telangana has given additional strength to the police. That is the opinion of Telangana police boss, DGP Mahender Reddy. All in all, Telangana Police command control center is this, the state police have shown the security arrangements during the immersion ceremony. He expressed the need to increase the use of technology in the security system. Telangana Police once again informed the nation about the success they are achieving with this formula.

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