Hyderabad: Be alert.. Once again Cheddi Gang.. Their target is the suburbs of the city..!

Hyderabad: Cheddigang once again entered Bhagyanagar. The suburbs of Hyderabad are being targeted. So, where is that danger gang roaming? How did the police find out? If we go into the details.. Recently, the Cheddi gang has once again caused trouble in the suburbs of Hyderabad. Scenes of Cheddi gang roaming in Sangareddy Aminpur area caught on CCTV. The police found that the Cheddi gang was roaming in this area for about 17 days. Locals are in a state of panic as the scenes of Cheddi gang members breaking into the apartments have come out. Cheddi gang members made a ruckus in two different colonies. Thieves wearing head towels and only cheddi on their hooves.

On the 5th of this month, 12 tolas of gold was stolen from Villa No. 18 of Brindavan Teachers Colony. The police, who investigated with the complaint of the victims, saw mind-blowing scenes. If you check the CCTV footage, the scenes of four robbers walking around with cheddis are revealed. Also, on 17th of this month, the police found the visuals of Cheddi gang roaming in Rainbow Colony in the same area. Four thieves wearing cheddis were caught on CCTV while roaming in Rainbow Colony. With that, the alert police alerted the locals. People are warned to be careful. The cheddi gangs that used to terrorize Hyderabad four years ago have now reappeared and panic has started among the Hyderabadis. Police have increased patrolling with the movement of Cheddi gang.

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