Hyderabad: Ayyababoy! Devil fish.. very dangerous.!! Live in a house to the rain..

From time to time, rare fish are caught in the nets of fishermen who go fishing in the sea.. Some fish are used to fill their stomachs. However, here is a fish.. found in the flood waters of Hyderabad. Seeing that, everyone was shocked. Let’s see now..

Due to incessant rains, all the roads of Bhagyanagar were flooded. Low-lying areas were submerged in floodwaters. In this sequence, a rare fish appeared in Ramantapur Sai Krishnanagar. Locals say that it is a rare devil fish. All the people jumped up to see it. The video is currently going viral on social media.

However, it seems that this rare fish has been seen in many cases in the state's water resources. This fish.. attacks other types of fish.. to satisfy its hunger. These fish found in the sea are now seen in the canals and ponds. The officials of the fisheries department say that these devil fish should not be kept alive at all.

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