Hyderabad: Atrocity in old city of Hyderabad..Kantrimama’s stories came out..Police saved the child..

Bad in the old city of Hyderabad. Kantri uncle brutally tortured a girl in Falaknuma area. The one who should have been protected as a father has been tortured as a monster. He was all over the place. The relative became the vulture. But a responsive heart brought the child to safe hands. The South Zone Police freed the child from Chakantri’s uncle’s custody.

Any father considers a child as his life. But father left the golden mother alone in a world where there is no mother. A loving heart took the baby who fell on the road. Menamama is the one who reassured me by saying beta mai huna. Everyone thought that father after father made his word true. If cut.. This inhumanity has created a stir in the old city of Hyderabad. If a thorn hits a child's foot, the heart of the people will cry. It's like that, it's all burnt up. The people who were supposed to protect them like an eyeball tortured this child like this.

This atrocity came to light in Hyderabad Old City Falaknuma. Mother died of illness. Father Eto is gone. Everyone was happy when the uncle joined the lonely child. Congratulated. But these wounds are proof that he did not take it out of love. He took it and read it..not to grow up but to get a job in his house. Not only do they say things without even looking at the life of the child.. they torture like this.

If he cries, he is not sold to comfort him.. There is no trace of his father.. He can't tell anyone.. He can't do anything. The child is in hell. Someone informed the police about the death of uncle. South Zone DCP Sai Chaitanya reacted immediately. They reached the spot along with the volunteer representatives. The child was rescued from the clutches of the uncle. Moved to a children's home. Strict action will be taken against those who abuse the child.

Representatives of the volunteer organization said that the police responded in time and saved the child. He asked the government to support Achinnira including punishing the accused. The one who was supposed to stand by his father after his father committed such anarchy made everyone afraid. The locals demanded that such people should be severely punished.

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